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Techni-Lab S.G.B. Abitibi Inc. offers a wide range of environmental analysis and services which can satisfy the private individual as well as different industries such as mining and forestry.

Some analysis are:

  • Drinking water

  • Waste water

  • Surface water

  • Rain water

  • Well water

  • Groundwater, etc.

Besides, we offer technical support and pickup services almost everywhere in northern Quebec.
The efficiency of our technical team allows us to provide the results of analysis in a timely manner, for your satisfaction.

Waste water and mining effluent

  • Regulation of MDDEP-QUÉBEC


Some examples of our expertise:

  • Metals detection by Graphite-furnace and SAA

  • Amount of total and free Cyanide by distillation

  • Suspended and volatile solids

  • pH, turbidity, conductivity, dissolved oxygen

  • Ecotoxicology : Daphnia magna, Rainbow trout, etc.

  • Hydrocarbons C10-C50 analysis, as well as oils and greases

  • Sulfur determination and acid rock drainage production

Waters : (from drinking, rivers, rains, wells, lakes and groundwater)

We suggest well’s owners to consider a microbiological control, once or twice a year in spring and/or automn. The basic parameters are:

  • Total coliform bacteria

  • Fecal coliform bacteria

Selecting a water softener requires analysis of dissolved minerals in water :

  • Iron, manganese

  • Hardness (calcium and magnesium)

Furthermore, the very nature of the soil, as well as the local industries, may suggest a more complete list of parameters:

  • Arsenic, mercury, other heavy metals

  • Phosphates, nitrates

  • Etc.

We offer the complete package of analytical parameters required by the Regulation respecting the quality of drinking water. The list of controls in this regulation applies to city, towns, institutions and tourist establishment.
In case of doubt, please, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of professionals will be able to answer your questions.

Analyses of contaminated soils, polluted sites, sediments and muds

In the course of studies like potentially contaminated site study, simplified or detailed risks evaluation study, Techni-Lab S.G.B Abitibi Inc. can intervenes to measure the pollutants present in soils and can carry out a wide range of physicochemical analyses like:

  • Analysis of metals and pH in water (muds)

  • Hydrocarbons analysis

  • PCB, carbonate, dioxines, furans and analyses

  • Organics matter and sulphides analyses

  • Etc.

Agricultural soils analysis

Agriculture changed with the passing of years. It passed from a family affair to a company where the productivity is at the first plan. The presence of an agronomist thus became paramount. This one, thanks to the results of analysis, can direct the spreading of manure, fertilizer, pesticides… Each analysis has a specific goal and must be made in order to reduce the production costs for the farmer.

Soils analyses are mainly a tool essential to the knowledge and the comprehension of the dynamics of each ground. They allow the interpretation of the levels of saturation of each nutritive element and balance between those according to the real conditions of each field. Properly taken, analyzed and interpreted, they are the portrait of the nutritional state of each field and make it possible to determine the contributions of elements necessary to the improvement and the maintenance of the fertility of the grounds according to their particular characteristics and to work out a program of fertilization and maintenance of the cultures considered. A vast choice of soil’s analysis is available for diverse needs.

Extractive solution Mehlich-III, is used for mineral and organic soils analysis. The basic analysis for all soils, indicate a quantity of organic matter, concentration of phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and calcium in ppm units, Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC), pH-solution and pH-buffer. Aluminium amount is included in basic analysis of mineral soils in order to evaluated available phosphorus.

The samples are dried and then sieved. They are subsequently analyzed according to the official methods requested by the provincial commission (Conseil des productions végétales du Québec).

Each analysis must be done under chemist supervision, members of "Ordre des chimistes du Québec" who ensure quality control and follow-up of the analysis reliability (white, double and standard for each samples group). Results can be sent via internet or by fax in the required timeframe.


Type of analyse*


PAEF analysis P, Al and organics matter
Basics analysis pH water/tampon, P, K, Ca, Mg, Al et C.E.C. calculated
Basics analysis + organics matter pH water/tampon, P, K, Ca, Mg, Al, C.E.C. calculated and organics matter
* Separated analysis on request