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During the last years , the Canadian government, Quebec government and private sectorhave shown an increased interest in the growing mining sector. Techni-Lab has followed the path by enlarging its expertise and acquiring the equipment necessary to better serve the needs of the exploration and mining industry, specifically for the northern areas of Quebec and Ontario.


Its expertise in geochemistry includes:

  • Crushing, splitage and pulverization of samples

  • Pyro-analysis: homogenization, fusion and
    cupellation of samples

  • Digestion and dilution of metal

  • Gold and metals detection by atomic absorption

  • Gravimetric finish

  • Separation by metallic-sieve, followed by fire assay
    and gold analysis

  • Boat or Holtz method

  • Specific gravity determination

  • Metallic concentrates analysis by volumetric titration

To better serve its clientele, Techni-Lab also offers a pickup service.