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Techni-Lab S.G.B Abitibi Inc, as an environmentaly minded business, is concerned of the microbiological impact on the quality of drinking water. This is why it is important for us to educate the population regarding health issues related to polluted drinking and consumption water.

The follow-up of the microbiological quality of the water of consumption is essential to avoid serious health problems. Frequent analyses could provide evidence of fecal pollution of your water.

The microbiological analysis represent also an excellent way to control the efficiency of your water safety program and treatment. It has to be use as a complementary tool to sanitary study.

It could be compared to taking a “picture” of the water quality at the time of sampling, and has no permanent value. The analysis should always be interpreted within the sanitary study.

The coliforms presence is not always from fecal origin and does not indicate fecal pollution. However it is a good tool to control the water quality after treatment.