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Déterminez la quantité de désinfectant à employer

Calcul de la quantité d'eau de Javel à utiliser
pour la désinfection d'un puits


S'agit-il d'un nouveau puits ou d'un puits existant

Type de puits : Tubulaire (artésien)   Surface
Diamètre :    Pouces Centimètres Millimètres
Profondeur :     Pieds   Mètres  

Vous devez donc utiliser litres ou
  millilitres d'eau de javel 5 %


  1. Open the well cover.

  2. Pick up any floating material (leaves, wood, dead insects), if any.

  3. Pour the required quantity of bleach (Javex) in the water.

  4. If possible, brush the inside walls, using bleach.

  5. Open all the faucets in the house and the water flow, until the sent of bleach becomes detectable.

  6. Close all faucets, and let stand for at least 24 hours.

  7. After that period, open all faucets and let the water flow until the smell of bleach disapear. The water should be safe to drink.

  8. Additional tests (total and fecal coliforms) should be undertaken one week after decontamination of the well.

Commercial bleach found at the supermarket can be use for this procedure . However, the bleach should contain at least 5% sodium hypochlorite, the active desinfection agent.

N.B. If you have reasons to believe that your drinking water is contaminated, you must immediately stop drinking it (or not unless it was boiled for at least 1 minutes). Our science team is ready to advise you upon request.